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Today I am going to describe some popular awesome gadgets. We know that the environment around us is changing over time and our technology is improving a lot. Something is being created in the world that we could not even imagine. I am going to present you some such amazing gadgets. There are some gadgets in it that people have never imagined before. But some researchers have made them.

smart computer glasses.

digital glasses
this is a smart computer glasses. It is a technology that amazes us. It is like an advanced video camera with a computer. From making videos with these glasses to watching pictures, taking pictures, talking, we get different kinds of services from these glasses. These glasses are as smart as their work. But we never thought that there could be so many features in a single lens. Video Camera Sunglasses Eye Glasses 1080P HD Video Recording Wearable Wireless Headset for Driving,Riding, Motorcycle, Fishing,Outdoor Sports, and Traveling(not Including 32G Card) Price: $39.98 & FREE Shipping. Details & FREE Returns
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about this glasses

— HD 1080P camera glass: Built-in hd camera,you can use all of the functions of Camera, Bluetooth headset and sunglasses.
–Longer time recording video: max support 32G memory card (not included card) can record video 3hrs continuous for fully charged. When the capacity is full, it will cover the former video/picture.
–Longer battery lifespan: 18 hrs continuous to calling or listen music, Stereo music and hi-definition calling quality are available. Easy to be switched between music and phone calling.
–The Sunglasses adopt advanced Bluetooth 5. 0 technology, stereo Sound quality ‍also own faster pairing and stable efficient wireless connection.
–Including 1 x Bluetooth Sunglasses,1 x black bag,1 x cleaning cloth,2 x Earphone wire,1 x ear-hook 1 x USB cable and 1 x User manual, Not including 32G card.

flexible display smartphone

flexible display

This is a flexible display smartphone. We currently use many standard smartphones. But many of us may not know about flexible display smartphone. We will learn about it today. Flexible display smartphone is a phone that can be Curved. Yes, this phone will not break if left unchecked. The phone is made using some components that can be bent but not broken. And the parts inside it are made in such a way that they will not break.Price: $39.98 & FREE Shipping. Details & FREE Returns.
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transparent smartphone

transparent phone
This display is made using a kind of digital method, through which what is behind it through the inside can be seen like transparent glass. It is the new technology of the current digital smartphone. This phone is so fresh to look at that it is possible to see everything behind the phone. And some of Shaomi’s new phones have come in the market which is transparent edition.The display of this phone is transparent. 
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3d printing

3d printer

We all know about pictures, pictures of people, animals, birds and various graphic prints. But not many of us know about 3D printing of any image or icon. Today we will learn about 3D print. Before that we know what 3D is?

what is 3d

A three-dimensional space is a geometric arrangement that requires three values ​​to determine the position of an element. This is the official meaning of the word measure. In physics and mathematics, the order of n numbers is understood as an arrangement in an n-dimensional space.
3D We see 3D because we see it with two eyes. 3D can’tbe seen with one eye. Close your eyes and move one of your hands closer to your nose. You will not be able to measure the distance correctly. But you can do it very well with both eyes. Our two eyes send two images of the same object to the brain, the two images being slightly different. The two images in the brain are incidental to each other. Then our 3D idea about the object becomes clear.
So, 3d printing is the process of printing a picture, icon or text of an object in a 3d way.

smart projector

mini projector
The smaller things are now, the better for us. So smart projectors have come in the market. This projector is very small and powerful. A smart projector is a projector that is much smaller in size and much smarter to look at.This device is very powerful but it takes up very little space. So the demand for this device is increasing day by day. This device is perfect for those of us who work in the office or do various animation translations, and watch a variety of movies, games.
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virtual leaser keyboard

leaser keyboard
It is a kind of keyboard that works through a kind of projector-like device. When the device is placed in front of the table, the beam of the device falls on the table and the keyboard works virtually. There is a picture of all the keys on a keyboard in the ray read on the table. The keyboard where we type the image will work. So we don’t have to take the keyboard to any other place. You just have to take that small device with you. The advantage of this is that since it is a smart device, it has the advantage of increasing smartness, having updates about digital devices and carrying the device as it is small.
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about virtual leaser keyboard

Virtual laser projection keyboard: more stable and smarter; to enhance buyers usage experience, we change the mini USB port to micro USB port.
MULTIFUNCTIONAL: This keyboard has been equipped with mini Bluetooth speakers, which support voice reporting and music playing
BUY 2 SAVE : We love our customers and want them to love us, too. You won’t find a wireless charger at this price with high quality. Buy for a close friend or loved one and save together!
3 in 1 Function: Laser keyboard,Mouse and bluetooth speaker
Good touch sensitivity : The BEEP sound and brightness can be adjusted on the laser keyboard

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