What is the most better Technology?


What is Artificial intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is a current generation technology that allows a mechanical robot to talk and behave like a human. Through artificial intelligence, an instrument can think like a human, can do any kind of work. Human-like movements can speak and behave like human beings

Who is father of artificial intelligence?

Alan Turing is the father of artificial intelligence. 1950 year Alan Turing conducted an experiment called the Turing Test. Understand by this test whether the instrument has the ability to think. if he has the ability to think, he has artificial intelligence.

How many types of Artificial intelligence?

There are three types of artificial intelligence;
১. ANI, AGI and ASI.

What is ANI?

The full form of ANI is “Artificial Narrow Intelligence”. his is the first step of artificial intelligence. They are only proficient at one subject and no other work is possible by them. even\\ if you give hime to the system any easy work, he can’not does it.

What is AGI?

The full form is “Artificial General Intelligence”. This is strong AI. This step-by-step machine will be able to think like a human being, talk like a human being, solve human-like plans and problems, and acquire the ability to adapt to the environment by actually seeing it in a new environment.

What is ASI?

artificial inteligence

The full form is “Artificial Super Intelligence”.
Being more intelligent over of human is Intelligence. This ASI is a super power system of the artificial system. all scientist are worried thing about artificial super power inteligence. we will to be have to face danger. Will people be able to control this system? (know about web design and about web design and web development)”

What stage of artificial intelligence are we in?

We are at ANI, the first stage of artificial intelligence. Which is called weak AI. Our system will specialize in a specific job, the job for which it will be built. The impact of this work we are seeing in the current generation.

The evils of artificial intelligence.

The misuse of artificial intelligence can pose a serious threat to mankind, the use of artificial intelligence can divert people from basic activities, artificial intelligence can get out of control, these are the risky aspects of artificial intelligence.

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